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Forensic Analysis
WTC Complex

ARA provides forensic analysis on accidents, crashes and explosions. ARA uses a multidisciplinary physical and chemical approach to develop realistic simulations and determine the root cause of the incident.

We can model highly complex events such as freight derailments with multiple tank cars and potential release of hazardous materials considering all aspects from the physics of derailment to ensuing rupture to ensuing material dispersion.

ARA performs assessments for military and civilian facilities, including military bases, federal buildings (offices, courthouses and embassies), airports and industrial facilities.


  • Explosive Breaching Handbook Explosive Breaching Handbook
    • Characterize existing breaching methods and devices
    • Develop a "Breaching Handbook" suitable for field use
    • Develop a "Dynamic Breaching Characterization Report" (DBCR)
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  • Radiation Dose Assessment SupportRadiation Dose Assessment Support
    • Perform dose reconstructions and develop radiation dose assessments
    • Conduct historical research and develop scenarios of participation and radiation exposure
    • Provide project management and quality assurance
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  • World Trade Center-7 Progressive Collapse AnalysesWorld Trade Center-7 Progressive Collapse Analyses
    • Refine the model only in regions where damage occurs
    • Develop reduced models and components that capture the behavior of the refined models
    • Develop WTC 7 models with sufficient fidelity to accurately capture the progressive failure models
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