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Fire Fighting Systems
Fire fighter battles blaze.

ARA develops fire suppression/mitigation agents, agent delivery methods, and protective wear to counter existing and evolving fire threats.

We also provide search and rescue personnel with advanced communication systems.

Our unmanned fire fighting systems provide the ability to remotely fight fires through infrared (IR) normal camera operations and dispense decontamination agents to chemical and biological weapons (CBW) threats minimizing risk to our response units.


  • Advanced Fire Protection Deluge System (AFPDS) Advanced Fire Protection Deluge System (AFPDS)
    • Increase accuracy by reducing false alarm rates
    • Able to work as a stand-alone system or complement other systems
    • Significantly reduce the possibility of fire and/or explosion
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  • Firefighter TutorialFirefighter Forcible Entry Tutorial
    • Online Training demonstrating the different the difficulties breaking protective windows
    • Receive Certificate upon passing the test
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