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Environmental Management
National Environmental Policy Act Process Analysis

ARA supports the environmental impact analysis process and identification of potential measures to mitigate those impacts.

Services include:

  • National Environmental Policy Act
  • Archaeological/historical plans and surveys
  • Wetland delineations and mitigation
  • Bird/wind turbine interaction surveys and plans
  • Resource management
  • Transportation assessments and planning
  • Airspace/noise planning  
  • Socio-economic analysis
  • Public meetings & expert legal testimony
  • Mitigation Banking Regulatory Services
  • RIBITS (Regulatory In-Lieu Fee and Bank Information Tracking System) RIBITS (Regulatory In-Lieu Fee and Bank Information Tracking System)
    • Tracks ALL U.S.
      • Wetland Mitigation Banks
      • Endangered Species Conservation Banks
    • Contains
      • Geo-spatial data including bank locations and service areas
      • Credit Ledgers
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  • Chromium Monitoring
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