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Crashworthiness Analysis
Analysis of Indian Railway Passenger Coach Crashworthiness

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  • Indian Railway Passenger Coach Crashworthiness Indian Railway Passenger Coach Crashworthiness
    • Eliminate undesirable crash deformations
    • Introduce controlled collapse in the car end crush zone
    • Update car body designs for retrofit or construction of new coach cars
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  • CEM RequirementsDevelopment of CEM Requirements
    • Improve the safety of Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) designs in the U.S.
    • Assist the ASME RT-1 Committee in developing a structural safety standard
    • Develop Crash Energy Management (CEM) requirements for LRV Metrolink expert witness services
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  • Houston Airport SystemMetrolink Expert Witness Services
    • Investigate a collision between a Metrolink train and Ford truck
    • Calculate collision loads with LS-DYNA and investigate possible derailment conditions
    • Determine effects of push vs. pull operation for trains
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