Capabilities | Coastal Engineering Data Management

Coastal Engineering

ARA has developed coastal engineering data management and analysis tools for the US Army Corps of Engineers for over 13 years.

  • Calculate and plot shoreline and sediment volume changes
  • Analyze sediment transport
  • Graphing tools
  • GIS capability
  • Data conversion and manipulation functionality
  • Decision Support Tools

  • SBASSediment Budget Analysis System (SBAS)
    • Creates and analyzes budgets for coastal inlets
    • Calculates and plots shoreline and sediment volume changes
    • Collects station data on a GIS-enabled topology
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  • CPTChannel Prioritization Tool (CPT)
    • Web-based, decision-support tool
    • Assists USACE personnel analyze which maintained channels are used by commercial shipping
    • Ranks in terms of tonnage and dollar-value of cargo transiting
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  • CPT LiteChannel Prioritization Tool Lite (CPT Lite)
    • iPhone Application
    • Provides quick, reliable access to summary statistics for Corps navigation projects.
    • Provides data for waterborne commerce movements through Corps navigation channels, ports and waterways.
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  • IRMInlet Reservoir Model (IRM)
    • Models sand transport in the region for use in channel maintenance planning
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  • RMAPRegional Morphology Analysis Package (RMAP)
    • Provides a toolbox of shoreline change rate and beach profile
    • Graphing, GIS, and data conversion and manipulation functionalities
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    • Ranks coastal structures using economic and security indicators and port facilities infrastructure
    • Decision-support tool to all levels of Corps management
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    • Data archive for measured and modeled storm and wave-related data
    • Coastal infrastructure, historical and hypothetical storm data
    • Flood control features
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