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Chem Bio Defense
ARA supports the national Chem/Bio Defense program by providing scientific expertise and products that ARA has developed and deployed.

ARA develops new methods for protecting individuals from chemical and biological hazards as well as performs testing to determine the efficacy of existing protection methods and products.

We develop anti-microbial filters for masks, reactive clothing that can detoxify an agent when it comes in contact with the clothing, and decontamination agents that are easily transportable, highly effective at killing biological agents, and are noncorrosive. We develop fate and transport models that predict the dispersion of hazardous agents as well as environmental effects that degrade the agents during transport.

ARA provides vulnerability and effectiveness data to ensure infrastructure protection, emergency preparedness and response, anti-terrorism technologies and training.


  • California On-Call Rigid Pavement Materials and Structural Concrete Services Biological Combat Assessment System Advanced Technology Demonstration CA-UAV System
    • Eliminating human exposure to biological warfare
    • Automating the collection of bacteria, viruses and toxins
    • Enabling rapid analysis of the collected compounds
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