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Aircraft Operating Surfaces (AOS) Research Group’s mission is to provide cutting -edge engineering solutions for the design, maintenance and rehabilitation of transportation infrastructure. We possess a broad range of expertise in the area of transportation facilities. Our efforts are dedicated to provide innovative solutions to pavement-related problems in a cost effective and timely manner.

ARA takes great pride in helping agencies optimize planning decisions, enhance designs, administer high-quality construction project and implement cost-effective maintenance programs.

Research and training projects keep us at the cutting edge of technology, and our evaluation, design, and management projects keep us in touch with real world concerns in the transportation community. The combined knowledge allows ARA to use the latest technology to develop cost-effective, yet practical solutions for our customers’ needs.

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  • Aircraft Tiedown Anchorage Systems Aircraft Tiedown Anchorage Systems
    • Develop anchorage classifications
    • Reduce aircraft maintenance costs incurred from inadequate anchorage systems
    • Support decision making and installation of adequate anchorage systems in military airfields
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  • C-130 Deployable Chemical Rubber Removal SystemC-130 Deployable Chemical Rubber Removal System
    • Offers light and compact deployment on C-130 aircraft
    • Requires no in-theater support other than fuel and water
    • Maintains approximately 95 percent efficiency of large commercial systems
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  • Deployable Hotmix Asphalt PlantDeployable Hotmix Asphalt Plant
    • Solve HMA production plant problems
    • Simple to operate, requiring minimal training for laymen to operate
    • Reduce repair time
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  • Pelletized Asphalt for Airfield Damage RepairPelletized Asphalt for Airfield Damage Repair
    • Leverage asphalt binder pelletization technology
    • Pelletization process produces HMA mix components (asphalt cement, fine aggregate, fiber and polymer) as a pre-manufactured product
    • Develop and test two HMA mixes with optimal asphalt content
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  • Risk AssessmentPrecast Panel Repair for Rigid Pavement Airfields
    • Decrease airfield pavement downtime
    • Assure high quality concrete panels
    • Allow for a wider weather window
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