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ARA provides a wide spectrum of airport infrastructure services, including:

  • Individual airport pavement management systems
  • Statewide airport pavement management systems
  • Pavement Condition Index (PCI) assessments
  • Pavement roughness, texture, and friction assessment
  • Structural capacity assessment — Pavement Classification Number (PCN)
  • Pavement design and evaluation
  • Construction risk assessment
  • Safety management systems
  • Runway safety area assessment
  • Airport security
We focus on applying state-of-the-art technologies to assess existing conditions and present data, analyses, and recommendations for cost-effective airport infrastructure management.


  • ACRP 1-16: Asset and Infrastructure Management for Airports ARA developed a 10-step process for the implementation of successful asset management including:
    • Policies
    • Objectives
    • Strategies
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  • AirViewSurfaces and Infrastructure for display on AirView:
    • Pavement
    • Pavement markings
    • Drainage
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  • Airport Professional Services for a Safety Management System for Dallas Fort Worth International AirportARA delivered the needed professional engineering services included in the safety risk management procedures and policies implemented by the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).
    • A thorough internal audit of the airport safety management system (SMS)
    • An evaluation of the SMS using the methods and procedures described in the safety assurance component of the airport’s SMS manual
    • Collection of all hazards, incident, and accident reports
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  • Probability Assessment of Aircraft Overruns and Undershoots at San Francisco International Airport The runways evaluated were 01R/19L and 01L/19R.
    • Work plan was developed
    • Airport inspection was performed to evaluate possible risk scenarios
    • Risk scenarios were explored
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